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  Date Posted: 09/26/2014
  Lost cell phone found 09/26/14 Friday night at about 8pm on 2nd St. at Kelly St.
ATT&T Pantech P6030

Contact or text Larry at 586.615.3636

Up Date: 11/12/14
We still h
ave the phone here. We are leaving it on just incase the owner calls it. The other day someone called the phone and I answered it, it was a Army social worker looking for Rae Billiot, I told the Army Social worker we found the phone, so I asked her what number she called, she told me, 231.408.7675

I reversed looked up the phone number and found it was
a Michigan area code. linked to a FB page under the name Rae Billiot  https://www.facebook.com/rae.billiot

I then called the phone and left a voice message hoping the owner was retrieving their call messages, but oddly after finding the phone almost two months ago it still has active service.  However the phone has a password lock on it and we cant get into it to find out more owner info, but it allows you to answer it.

The Voice mail message belongs to a person by the mane of
Steven Bailey. I FB messaged both of them and have heard nothing back.  Rae Billiot, according to her FB page, is in the United States Army 31B Military Police. and lives in Gulfport.

If anyone knows Rae, please contact her about a lost cell phone found on 2nd Street at Kelly Ave.

Actual Photo of Phone.
 Photos of Rae
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