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Welcome to 2nd Street Buzz,  a news and activity website for the people of 2nd St. and the Gulf Coast area.


  On Wednesday the 4th of February at around 11:30 PM, Ms. Linda Wilson whom resides at 1218 2nd St. woke to to find a black male standing in her hallway near the back door of the residence. The suspect did not force his way in, the door was left unlocked according to Ms. Wilson. 

When she saw the man standing in the hall, frightened, she hollered at the suspect "what are you doing you better get out of here". The suspect stated "I thought this was my Uncle's house" several times as he walked out the back door of the home.

Ms. Wilson followed the suspect out the rear door of the home down the driveway towards 2nd St.  Once outside Ms. Wilson told the suspect to stop, he turned and she was able to take a photo of him with her cell phone.  The suspect according to Ms. Wilson stated, "I thought this was my Uncle's house" he also said "Great and your a white girl, I'm in trouble now"
  The suspect walked west down 2nd street out of sight. Ms. Wilson did not call the police in fear that the black male suspect would retaliate somehow.  However, the following day Ms. Wilson did report the incident to the Gulfport Police.

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