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Date Posted: 04/13/2015
Post # 0017
Leslie Ryland North

  Woman using child to steal form homes
  I received this message from the police department earlier today: Please be on the lookout for a White Female with a small female child (around 5 years old). She will ask for money for a charity and then her little girl will say she has to go to the restroom. She will steal items from your home if you let her inside, while the little girl goes to the restroom. Do not approach her and do not let her come inside of your home for any reason. Immediately call 228-868-5959 and advise the dispatcher which direction she is going and if she is on foot and tell them why you are calling.

Please give the best description of her possible. She has been spotted in Broadmoor on several occasions now. Tell her you are not interested if she approaches you and please call the Police immediately. DO NOT LET HER INTO YOUR HOME! Thank you all so much, please share this with other neighbors in the area.
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