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Welcome to 2nd Street Buzz,  a news and activity website for the people of 2nd St. and the Gulf Coast area.

Date Posted: 04/09/2015
Post # 0016

  Neighborhood watch meeting scheduled for April 30 at 6 p.m. The meeting will be held at the grass lawn in the red brick building on the side. There is limited seating, so if you require a seat please make arrangements to bring one with you to ensure you have a place to sit.

The meeting should be no longer that an hour. We will talk about crime prevention tips and ways to prevent property crime. If you have a concern or a complaint about something, please contact
Mandy Woods before the meeting so that we have time to look into any concerns.
Call her at 228-868-5703. She would like the meeting to be a very proactive and a positive based meeting, to help unite your beautiful neighborhood just a little bit more. As always, we promote getting to know your neighbors and working together. You as a citizen of Gulfport are the eyes and ears for the Police department. We want to work together in every way possible to keep your neighborhood safe.

Those wishing to hand out flyers will be contacting in the next week!
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