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Date Posted: 04/09/2015
Post # 001

  Just an FYI you may want to pass this on.....We live in the apartments at 1700 2nd St. I was sitting at my desk working and I heard someone try to open my back door by jiggling the doorknob, twice. I got up and looked and there was an older lady walking away towards 2nd St. Then though something's not right. I went for my keys, got in my vehicle to see what she was up to before I called the police, thought maybe she was lost or something.... then she vanished. She must have gotten in a car parked on 2nd Street or was parked in the Marriott parking lot. I know I'm not crazy because I looked at my back door knob and you can see a hand print through the dust on the knob, because we do not our backdoor........I did not report it to Police because she didn't actually commit a crime other than maybe trespassing.

Description: Caucasian female, late 50s early 60s, heavy set 160-180lds, height 5'6 to 5'7, shoulder length white/gray curly hair, white blouse, grayish colored slacks, carrying a white purse. Last seen walking east across 2nd St. towards the Marriott hotel.

If anyone happens to see a person matching these description messing with cars or homes I would then advise notifying the authorities.

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