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  Date Posted: November 3, 2014 at 2:28am
Post # 14-0008
Posted By:
Donna J Rowland

Report of a Coyote Sighting
  I saw a coyote tonight for the first time in our neighborhood. We first spotted it in the alley between 3rd Street and 2nd Street and in between Jones Ave and Kelly Ave. I saw it in the driveway behind our house. We followed it in our car up to 3rd Street and saw it head east then it cut through a back yard. We have seen fox before on 2nd street but first time for Coyote. Please watch out for your cats! They are the first to disappear when coyote are present. I am concerned that we haven't seen our neighbor's cat. She likes to hang out on our garage roof and hasn't been there. Praying she is safe.
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