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Welcome to 2nd Street Buzz,  a news and activity website for the people of 2nd St. and the Gulf Coast area.
  Date Posted: 09/10/2014
  Post #: 14-0000
  2ndstbuzz offers you free ad space for personal items like, are you having a garage sale, or have a fridge for sale, or maybe a boat or car?  We will post your ad on our website and on our FB Page. From the scams on Craigs List to the over pricing on Ebay give us a try.  You will also be added in out subscriber news letters that reach thousands of members.

Send all your info to us at Mail@2ndstbuzz.com ads have to be approved and may take up to 24 hours to be approved and posted. It is up to you to advise us if the ad need to be removed once you have sold your item or the garage sale is over.
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If your a commercial business and would like to place an add click here for details.


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