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Welcome to 2nd Street Buzz,  a news and activity website for the people of 2nd St. and the Gulf Coast area.
  Date Posted: 09/16/2014
  Post #: 14-0002
  Vehicle break-ins on 2nd St.
  Several vehicles, parked in the street and in driveways have been broken into on 2nd St., from the 1600 block down to the 1000 block. The thieves are unknown at this time and are continuing to target vehicles left unlocked at dusk and late hours of the night. No reports of smash and grab, meaning they  alt=break a window and steal your stuff and run, but instead look for the vehicle's doors left unlocked or a window left down. The thieves ransack the vehicle top to bottom taking anything of value. 

If you see suspicious activity or know anything, call the Gulfport Police
228-868-5945 or if you see a crime in progress call 911 immediately.

Lock your vehicle

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